Introducing Pangolin Gin: a zesty gin for a very deserving cause

The tiny pangolin is a creature that’s been increasingly in the spotlight, but only because if we don’t put them there, we may never see them again. That’s because they are being poached into extinction for the protective scales that cover their bodies. These scales and demand for their meat make the pangolin the most trafficked animal in the world. And with four of the eight pangolin species found in Africa we urgently need to do whatever we can to protect them.

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Cape Leopards – part of our heritage

As South Africa celebrates Heritage Month, I was recently reminded of a part of our heritage that few people know even exists. We’ve all heard of the Big Five, which includes elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and leopards, however in order for us Capetonians to see any of these species, we normally have to travel inland. Little do we know, that right in our backyard, the Cape is still home to one of these five – with Cape Mountain Leopards the last of the legendary ‘Big 5’ to survive in the wild in the Cape.
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