A cake the size of an elephant!

When I was invited to the unveiling of a life-size elephant cake at the Good Food & Wine Show – the jokes were never ending… “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” “We herd it’s amazing!” “Size is irrelephant!”

The life-size elephant cake arrives in a truck at the CTICC

But size was definitely relevant with the cake taking on the authentic form of an elephant, complete with tiny baby by her side, making it the biggest elephant cake in the world. 1,200 eggs, 90kg of sugar, 42kg of chocolate, 35kg of buttercream and 250 hours later, a team of bakers led by pastry-guru Dot Klerck has created the 1.2 tonne masterpiece which arrived on a truck at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

An adorable baby completes the masterpiece

A team of trained professionals resembled a real-life elephant relocation and with the utmost care and dedication paid to the cake, the elephant and her baby made it safely into the hall in the dead of night – ready for the opening of the show this morning!

A team of professionals carefully move the elephant and her baby

The aim of creating this gigantic statue of deliciousness was to raise awareness for the plight of the elephants, with the specific objective to reach out to the younger generation to love and respect the elephant – and what better way than through a cake! Supported by the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Professor Rudi van Aarde, the cake will be on display all weekend and a number of fantastic photos and paintings are available for sale and silent auction to raise money for the fund for the further protection of our elephants.

Dot Klerck shows off her creation

So make your way to the Good Food and Wine Show this weekend to have a look – it is simply elephantastic!

An elephantastic creation!

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