Review: Shimmy Beach Club, Cape Town

The sun is beating down, turning what started off as a chilly winter’s morning into one of those fine days that only Cape Town can deliver. The ocean is shimmering and without a breath of wind around, unusual for this part of the world, it’s reflecting a blue hue that’s akin to some oceans I’ve seen in the Med. My feet are itching – itching to be released from the shackles of winter boots and instead spread their toes in the sand. And that’s how I end up walking the doors of Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town.


White tables and chairs glisten in the sun, which now sits high in the sky, taking its pride of place on this gorgeous winter’s day. But before the restaurant lies what I have really come for. White couches sit atop fine beach sand and a pool, the same colour as that gorgeous sea, beckons for those brave enough to dive in. I have a flashback to visiting beach clubs in Ibiza and can’t believe that this little piece of paradise is right here on my doorstep.


This is not my first Shimmy soirée – but my previous visits to this spot have accompanied by a few too many cocktails and live bands, DJs and dancing into the wee hours. Its quite surreal to pop in for lunch and discover a quieter, family affair where good food and wine accompanies a relaxing day pool and beach side! And talking about good food and wine, I just can’t wait to get stuck in.


Great food and good wine in Cape Town

Offering such a great atmosphere and some of the best views in town, I don’t need a push to visit this spot. However for locals, and tourists alike, Simmy has a pretty spectacular winter special on the go. Visit them on a Wednesday and you get 50% off everything your heart could possibly desire. There’s no minimum charge, you can stay for lunch, dinner or even just drinks. What this means is that their table-sized seafood platter and French champagne is even half price. This is really your chance to indulge.


So this is what we did, tucking into an absolute feast including the most delicious of dorado, saucy mussels, and fresh buttery calamari with delicious veggie and rice sides that we couldn’t even finish. Had we enough space left in the tummy after this we would definitely have tucked into their Springbok shank or braised pork belly – some more reasons to go back!


However, I always space for dessert (the separate pudding-stomach is real) and I can highly recommend the chocolate fondant. With a warm oozy centre and salted caramel sauce its the perfect way to end a wintery day in the sun.

Rolling out of there as the sun started to dip below the horizon, I glanced around my surroundings once more, finding it hard to believe that right here in the city a little beach haven with some of the best food in town was just waiting for me to return.


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