Review: The White Sands Beach House, Yzerfontein

A cold, white cloud had settled over the town of Yzerfontein, obscuring the blue ocean from view as we pulled into White Sands. Owned by The Beach House Collection, this stunning wooden beach house was to be our home for the night. My two puppies bounded into the new abode, bringing with them some beach sand and the sounds of home.

Beach house bliss…

As I looked around, white stretched from floor to ceiling and back again, punctuated by off-white furniture, lush pale blankets and an air of chic minimalism that simply screamed beach house. But larger than the spacious rooms themselves was the view that was drawing me in. Although a thick fog bank sat where I believed the sea to be, the dunes stretched all around the property with a wooden walkway venturing into the ghostly beyond. I took a peak out – not another soul in sight. Does it get any better than that?


And despite the weather, and the plush bedroom that was beckoning for me to spend the day wrapped up indoors, I decided to venture out. Thoroughly spent after a long walk in the mist down a beach with only the sound of sea birds to break the silence, I settled down with dogs in tow to enjoy an evening overlooking the ocean. A warm bath was a great relief to my tired feet as the sun dipped somewhere into the mist, and as I finally settled into my white couch in the clouds, I couldn’t help but think how lucky was I!


In the morning the mist had cleared, and from my king size bed, I could not only hear but now also see, the waves as they pounded the rocky shoreline. Up and at ’em early, breakfast with all the trimmings was prepared by hubby in the huge white kitchen and then it was time to hit the beach again.


Dogs and soul thoroughly refreshed by a day of sun, sea and salty air, we headed back to Cape Town, with a new spring in our step, already planning our next getaway to Yzerfontein!


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