Country bumpkins in Greyton

Nestled alongside a river without an end and between majestic undulating mountains is a tiny town forgotten in time. It provides the perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of city living in Cape Town and its quaint main street, lined with inns, coffee shops, and churches is a throwback to another era.


Introducing Greyton

The town’s establishment harks back to 1854 and is littered with stories of settlers bartering with the khoikhoi tribe, rich ancestral chiefs, successful cattle and sheep farming and wealthy brothers from Constantia who bred horses. All stories which gave rise to the country charm that is the reason why visitors flock to Greyton.

Here farm style homesteads, gravel roads and wild running horses and dogs are looked down upon by the gorgeous mountain range and nature reserve that flanks the town and is home to the infamous Boesmanskloof trail that links the town of Greyton with McGregor.


What to do in Greyton

Greyton is great for weekend getaways in any season! We found that a cold winter’s getaway was best spent huddled around the fire with a board game, lovingly tending to a potjie over many hours. While long lazy days at one of the town’s many restaurants and pubs followed by tasting chocolate at Von Geusau Chocolaterie can be enjoyed any time of year.

The country village comes to life on a Saturday morning when all and sundry, including the village’s brand new donkey calf, turn up for the town’s market.



Serving up a wealth of tasty treats, the market has been a centerpiece of the town since before anyone can remember. Unfortunately, the market structure was burnt to the ground in April this year by arsonists but it continues on the church lawn every Saturday and plans are in the pipeline to rebuild later this year.


The highlight of our trip, however, was spending much of our rainy weekend discovering hidden roads, gravel mountain tracks and crossing rivers on our 4x4s. Summer could just as easily be spent with a picnic, discovering the pathways, mountains and valleys on foot or by bike as the area is home to 65km of fabulous mountain biking trails.


We look forward to another adventure to this gorgeous country village soon!

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