Scootouring Cape Town

When Dirty Boots invited me to join a day of adventure in the lead-up to South Africa’s very first adventure summit, it never crossed my mind that soon I would be blasting down the side of the mountain, feeling like a kid again, with a suped-up scooter beneath my feet. But that is exactly the experience that lay in store for me when I joined Scootours South Africa for an epic adventure experience I never even knew existed!


A different kind of adventure

Seeing the scooters loaded onto the truck, ready and waiting for our adrenaline-filled morning was enough to get me excited. These monsters scooters feature fat 4×4 wheels and a large platform to keep you stable while enjoying exhilarating downhill descents over bumpy mountain passes.


After meeting the four adventurous Brits who would be accompanying me on this hair-brained idea and a short safety briefing from the ever-enthusiastic guides, we were off! I couldn’t believe how easily these over-sized scooters whizzed down the mountain, and soon I was picking up speed, freewheeling down signal hill with spectacular views of Table Mountain and the city below!

The 5km track zipped by in no time and soon our band of merry scootourers was “ooing” and “aweing” at the colourful houses of Bo Kaap as we ended the first leg of our city in theCape Malay quarter of Cape Town.

But our Scootour experience wasn’t over yet

It was back up the mountain for us as we hopped on the bus and headed back to Table Mountain for a bumpy run down a single track. By now the group had picked up confidence and were zig-zagging hillsides, jumping over obstacles and avoiding trees like pros!


And at the end of the tour hour trail, no-one could knock the smiles off our faces.

With eco-friendly adventures in Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, Knysna and the Drakensberg, it’s fair to say that I am looking forward to my next scootouring adventure sometime soon!


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