Review: A buffet for Ramadan at Hyatt

The holy month of Ramadan is not only a time to fast but also a time of tradition, of reflection, of community, and when the fast is broken a time to feast on rich flavours and authentic local cuisines. And during this sacred month, the Hyatt Regency Cape Town is welcoming guests, religious or not, to come and celebrate Ramadan with them.


And so it came to be that we recently ventured into the heart of Bo-Kaap for a night of traditional delicacies as part of the Ramadan Iftar Buffet that is currently on offer. Now many travellers and visitors to Cape Town will often tell you that they want to experience local cultures and flavours but so many experiences offering just that fall short, ultimately revealing themselves to be nothing but tourist traps.

This was far from that.

Stepping inside from the street that is lined with the iconic colourful houses of the Bo-Kaap we were surrounded not by tourists, but by devout Muslims eagerly awaiting the music that sounded the time to break fast was here, however scattered amongst them were tourists from the UK, America and around South Africa – a truly ecletic and welcoming group! We quickly scanned the buffet, which heaved with heritage dishes, and soon our mouths were watering.

Butter chicken, prawn and kingklip biryani, babaganoosh, marinated brinjals, tamarind lamp chops, potato samosas, falafels, jalapeno and cheese rissoles, and plenty more. The exquisite aromas effortlessly mingling with the spirit of community and togetherness that this area of Cape Town is famous for. And for dessert? Promises of white chocolate mousse, melt in your mouth milk tarts and traditional puddings.

hyatt-cape-townOf course, at the heart of this gastronomic experience are the talented team of chefs who have curated a symphony of tastes, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of authenticity. From the meticulously prepared dishes to the warm ambiance adorned with decorative lighting, every detail is thoughtfully arranged to foster intimate conversations and cherished moments with loved ones. With prayer facilities and Halal certified kitchens available every need is catered to and the experience needn’t end with the culinary delights.

We decided to spend the night at this modern sanctuary in the city, drinking in the views of Table Mountain, enjoying more family time at the pool, and sharing heritage and heartfelt connections in this city we are so lucky to call home. A fantastic mini staycation!

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