5 reasons why we want to buy a motorhome

We’d be happiest if we could be on the road all the time, seeing the world and just enjoying the freedom of travel. However, work, responsibilities, reality, and life with a toddler, mean that permanently travelling is not particularly practical, or enjoyable.

On a recent trip to Kruger National Park we were privileged to make use of an Iveco motorhome for our trip and while we’re still not going to be packing up everything we own, selling the house, and taking to life on the road, it did give us pause for thought that buying our own motorhome may be a good investment, here’s why:

Last-minute family memories

Kids are strange creatures that don’t believe in plans. There’s no point in booking a long, expensive family holiday or making grand plans as they’re sure to get sick a few days before. Kids social calendars can also be difficult to navigate with birthday parties, school events, fundraisers, and sporting fixtures. So, on the rare occasion when the weather is good, your kids are healthy, and you have a free weekend, you really want to enjoy it. When you own your own motorhome, this is possible! Just pack up the kids, board your bus, and you’re good to go wherever the road takes you for some last-minute family memories. You’re also way more likely to find last-minute availability at campsites than at hotels.

Travel made simple

Travelling with a child is never simple. Their luggage alone is something to content with, what with nappies, cots, prams and everything else to remember. If you now add self-catering or camping on top of that, you’ll need a few extra hands to help you carry everything you need for your family holiday. Stay in a hotel room and you may miss out on the essential items that kids need, such as a kettle for bottles, a mini fridge for snacks, and a microwave to warm meals. What we discovered when renting our Iveco motorhome, is that you don’t need to worry about most of these problems. All the kitchen essentials you need are right there in the back of your van, and you’ll also have beds for everyone, your own private bathroom and plenty of storage which means you can unpack once no matter how many times you move.


More affordable travel

motorhome-south-africaTravel is expensive, especially if you need to book more than one room to accommodate your family. However, owing a motorhome can help significantly reduce these costs. For starters you’ll only need to pay for one site for your van, rather than multiple rooms, and children at campsites often go free. Instead of buying a motorhome you may also consider renting one in your destination. You’ll then be able to cover transport and accommodation in one cost, rather than paying separately for each.

A more relaxing journey

Having everything you need with you can be a real-life saver, especially in Africa where distances can be vast and rest stops few and far between. With your food all packed in the fridge, your cutlery and crockery on hand, and plenty of space to sit and relax, you can stop wherever your heart desires. If you plan on visiting South Africa’s game reserves a motorhome is a real pleasure as you can relax for hours on end at a waterhole or a special sighting, even catching a snooze, preparing lunch, or playing a board game with the kids as you wait to see what shows up.

A fun travel community

Often when you stay in a hotel or a chalet, you don’t get to meet your neighbours as most are looking for privacy. This can even be a stressful experience when travelling with kids as you try to keep the noise down to prevent annoying the people next door. However, when staying in a caravan park or campsite in your motorhome, the community you’ll meet becomes part of the adventure. Your kids will enjoy meeting and playing with our children they meet on their travels, while you’re bound to find some like-minded travellers to share an evening beer with. There are often also organised weekends away where you can enjoy a fun time meeting new friends.


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