Unleashing our wild side in the Waterberg

After doing countless game drives in the Big Five reserves that dot the Waterberg area, having walked with bushbuck and listened to the sound of a Fish Eagle call over the valley, and even ticked off our bucket list the experience of horse riding with zebras, wildebeest, giraffe, jackals and rhinos, we were looking for the next big thing. And we found it at Waterberg Zipline.


For anyone who has never ziplined before, it’s an incredible experience that will leave you feeling a little bit like a monkey and a lot like a bird! It gives you an adrenalin rush like few other activities can provide, will still allowing you the time to take in the views and natural beauty of wherever you are. And Waterberg Zipline did not disappoint.


We were welcomed to the rocky valley at the Thaba Monate Game Lodge by baboons who were shouting all about our arrival from their outcrops far on the opposite hillside. To their chorus, we began the adventure, sliding from one platform to the other over a gorge that used to be a dam. We zig zagged over ten slides, crossing from one hillside to the next as ‘whoops’ and laughter filled the air – our voices mixing with those of our enthusiastic baboon friends.

I had dragged my parents along for the experience, just to prove that this really is an experience the entire family can enjoy, and after the first slide or two, having mastered the art of breaking (some better than others), we all had grins from ear to ear. All in all, we enjoyed 10 slides, with one being repeated to make for eleven rides, the longest one reaching across the valley an amazing 230 metres. And it is definitely an adventure we won’t soon forget!


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