Winter snuggles at the Radisson Blu

When it’s cold and miserable in Cape Town, the entire city seems to go into hibernation. Everyone snuggles down with a good book or in front of the TV, wrapped up in a duvet, not wanting to leave the warmth of the house. But on invitation by the new Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence in Cape Town this winter we decided to take a step outside our comfort zone and spent an evening as tourists in our own city!

#Winterhugyourteddy at the Radisson

Inviting young and old alike to bring out their inner child, the Radisson’s #winterhugyourteddy campaign meant we were greeted at the hotel by our very own bear (quickly nicknamed Mr Cuddles), a spread of chocolates, a game of travel monopoly and some much-appreciated cheese and wine. With views over the city, out towards the harbour and looking over onto the mountain, we could appreciate the majesty of Cape Town without ever leaving our comfortable bed.



But then the clouds cleared and the sky turned as pink as our teddy. The tunes from the rooftop bar beckoned to us and we ventured out to enjoy drinks overlooking the city. Sipping on delicious Amarula martinis we saw a different side to Cape Town. Fashionistas in their high heels and glamorous coats ordered cocktails tall and short. The DJ blasted the music and tourists took a dip in the terrace pool. As the sunset faded to twinkling stars, our stomachs rumbled. It was time to head to the Stratus Room Restaurant for a meal of epic proportions.




Offering incredible value for money, matched by five-star service, we enjoyed a decadent meal of sweet potato samosas, chicken curry, the largest portion of tuna fillet I have ever seen! And then came dessert fit for a queen. Rooibos cheesecake tantalised the taste buds and a deconstructed lemon meringue left me stuffed, but decidedly smug.


Finally, it did come time to back up the old kit bag and get teddy on the road. However, the sun had come up. So we decided to join tourists and locals with a bike ride on the nearby Seapoint promenade. Returning home we felt pity for all those who had decided to stay at home in their bed that weekend. Little did they know what they were missing out on!



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