Off the beaten track with Transfontier Parks Destinations

When I first heard of Transfrontier Parks Destinations I was excited, but a little sceptical. They are a company, not an NGO, but a group of business-minded entrepreneurs pioneering a new form of hotels in South Africa. Working within or the area’s that run alongside Southern Africa’s Transfrontier Peace Parks, their goal is to establish a sustainable tourism industry that sees local communities have a real, vested interest in the environment which surrounds them. It’s an ambitious dream, built out of love and respect for both people and nature, that many before have tried and failed. However with a number of lodges, camps and even 4×4 trails now under their umbrella – this time it seems to be working! more “Off the beaten track with Transfontier Parks Destinations”

Cape Leopards – part of our heritage

As South Africa celebrates Heritage Month, I was recently reminded of a part of our heritage that few people know even exists. We’ve all heard of the Big Five, which includes elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and leopards, however in order for us Capetonians to see any of these species, we normally have to travel inland. Little do we know, that right in our backyard, the Cape is still home to one of these five – with Cape Mountain Leopards the last of the legendary ‘Big 5’ to survive in the wild in the Cape.
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Review: Shimmy Beach Club, Cape Town

The sun is beating down, turning what started off as a chilly winter’s morning into one of those fine days that only Cape Town can deliver. The ocean is shimmering and without a breath of wind around, unusual for this part of the world, it’s reflecting a blue hue that’s akin to some oceans I’ve seen in the Med. My feet are itching – itching to be released from the shackles of winter boots and instead spread their toes in the sand. And that’s how I end up walking the doors of Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town.
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Review: GOLD Restaurant, Cape Town

You can feel the drumming almost before you hear it. The ground is rumbling with its rhythm and the strangely elongated African statue at the doorway mysteriously comes alive with its presence. As the gates swing open to GOLD, the beat beckons for you to follow it upwards, through a maze of artefacts and African artwork to another world. Following the call of the enthusiastic drum master on stage, you pick up your own djembe and are soon just another note in the cacophony that is building up with a frenzied speed. Laughter punctuates the air as a variety of different languages sound the coming together of nations from all over the world, and soon enough you are all beating to the rhythm of one drum.
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What to do with one day in the Cape Winelands

One day is far too short to spend exploring the Cape Winelands. In fact with so many regions to choose from including the gorgeous historic Constantia Valley, the sprawling Durbanville Hills, majestic Franschhoek or famous Stellenbosch (that’s not even to mention the outlying towns) you really could dedicate an entire week, month or even a lifetime to discovering all that the Cape Winelands has to offer. However, we understand that travellers are often pressed for time and one day is often all you have to drink in all the Winelands have to offer. That is why we have compiled our four top tips for discovering the Cape Winelands in just one day… more “What to do with one day in the Cape Winelands”