Discovering the Drakensberg on horseback

The beautiful Drakensberg Mountain range is home to a vast number of different accommodation options, all offering a variety of activities, with horseback riding being one of the firm favourites. However not all horsey operations are created equal as we recently discovered on a trip to the region. Deep in the heart of the Southern Drakensberg lies Dragon’s Landing and the passionate Sonja Swanepoel who delivers a horseback adventure like no other. more “Discovering the Drakensberg on horseback”

A night in the trees in the Drakensberg

Stepping out onto the wooden balcony, a panoramic Drakensberg vista stretched out before me. Cathkin Peak was to the left and a shimmering lake reflecting the setting sun was below. The last of the day’s light reflected off the windows, bathing my hidden escape in an orange glow. I took a moment to drink in the Champagne-coloured landscape that had given the valley its name. I simply couldn’t believe my luck at finding this hidden house in the trees.
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The perfect stop over point on the N1

The drive from Johannesburg or Bloemfontein to Cape Town along the N1 can be a long and tedious one and finding the perfect road trip stopover point can sometimes be tricky. You want somewhere not too far off the main drag, so as not to add too much extra time to the trip, but so many of the places close to the road are dingy, dirty and noisy. Finding a place that calms the driving nerves, while providing amazing food, excellent cuisine and a comfortable place to lay down one’s head can prove almost impossible… Almost.
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Winter snuggles at the Radisson Blu

When it’s cold and miserable in Cape Town, the entire city seems to go into hibernation. Everyone snuggles down with a good book or in front of the TV, wrapped up in a duvet, not wanting to leave the warmth of the house. But on invitation by the new Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence in Cape Town this winter we decided to take a step outside our comfort zone and spent an evening as tourists in our own city!
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Wining and dining in style

As Cape Town gets colder, the long-awaited rain arrives and winter takes an icy hold, I find there is nothing better to warm me up than filling the belly with delicious food, the rumble of laughter and a splash of yummy wine. That is why when I heard about an evening filled with art, bubbly, soulful tunes and gorgeous food at one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town, and a true hidden gem, Wild Fig, I simply had to sign up.
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Snorkelling with seals in Simon’s Town

Eye to eye we faced each other. Then he, or perhaps I should say she, cocked her head, angling one of those red rim eyes at me. Under the water, those eyes appeared as large as saucers. I let out a small scream into my snorkel as she came right at me. Snapping away she turned at the last minute, only wanting to play. Overhead one of her siblings shot clear out the water jumping over the other seals which darted all around, leaving a trail of bubbles in their wake. My heart was pumping but the biggest smile was plastered on my face. I was snorkelling with seals in Simon’s Town! more “Snorkelling with seals in Simon’s Town”

We can’t wait to go skiing in Southern Africa!

This June we will be off on a winter adventure close to home. That’s right! Did you know you could ski in Southern Africa? Afriski Mountain Resort is located in the heart of the Drakensberg-Maluti Mountains in Lesotho and is one of only two ski resorts in Southern Africa! And we will be there for Winterfest and an experience that is sure to be one of Southern Africa’s most unique music festival experiences. more “We can’t wait to go skiing in Southern Africa!”

A winter wonderland in Austria

Touchdown in Munich and the excitement levels are through the roof. The air is chilly and the sky just beginning to lighten from the inky blackness of night. We are on our way to Ellmau, a village in the Tyrolean Alps that is to be the setting for the next week’s winter wonderland adventure in Austria! more “A winter wonderland in Austria”

5 reasons to visit Darling

Nestled inland from Yzerfontein, on South Africa’s quiet and unassuming West Coast, the quaint town of Darling has always been somewhere I wanted to visit. Having passed it over for the seaside escape of Langebaan or the more well known wine routes of Stellenbosch and Robertson, I finally got round to spending a weekend in this oh, so Darling little village. Here are 5 reasons why I would return again and why we think you too should pay the town of Darling a visit!
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