8 things that make the Palace of the Lost City a top hotel

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Palace of the Lost City, Sun City’s premier hotel, one of the South Africa’s top-rated stays and a majestic destination that combines the allure of ancient legends with modern-day luxury. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the sprawling Sun City resort complex, this iconic building stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and unrivaled opulence. Inspired by a mythical lost city, its creation is a testament to human imagination and craftsmanship. Prepare to be captivated by its grandeur and indulge in a truly extraordinary journey as you discover 8 reasons why you should stay at this five-star hotel at least once in your lifetime.

1. An architectural wonder


Designed by architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. and hotelier Sol Kerzner, the Palace of the Lost City was built in the 1990s as part of the Sun City resort development. According to the imagination of the people who built the hotel, the palace was once the home of a powerful African king who ruled over a prosperous and flourishing civilisation. However, as time passed, the city mysteriously vanished, leaving only remnants of its former glory. Drawing inspiration from various cultural influences, and inspired by local legends, the palace was meticulously designed to capture the essence of a bygone era. Every detail was carefully crafted to evoke the grandeur and opulence of ancient African civilizations, paying homage to the continent’s rich heritage. From the intricate carvings and vibrant mosaics to the use of natural materials like stone and wood, the architecture seamlessly blends African artistry with modern luxury, making it a true visual feast. The result is a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity that will transport you to another world.

2. A prime location in South Africa’s top family resort


Situated in the picturesque Sun City resort in South Africa’s Northwest Province, the Palace of the Lost City enjoys a prime location. At just a short drive from Johannesburg (less than two hours), this luxurious destination is easily accessible for both local and international visitors. Here you can prepare to be entertained like never before with the resort’s legendary Valley of the Waves waterpark, various facilities such as tennis courts and a manmade lake for any number of boating adventures, as well as various incredible shows and performances. Golfing enthusiasts can also tee off on two championship golf courses surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

3. A lush tropical garden surrounding


Beyond the architectural splendor, the Palace of the Lost City boasts enchanting grounds that are waiting to be explored. The palace grounds feature an array of vibrant flowers, exotic plants, and winding pathways that lead to hidden nooks and crannies. This starts at the towering palm trees that line the pathway to the awe-inspiring structure. As you pass through the gate, you can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and anticipation for the treasures that lie within. Whether you’re strolling through the garden, finding a quiet spot to relax, or marvelling at a waterfall in the forest, the natural beauty will captivate your senses.

4. World-class accommodations

When it comes to accommodation, the Palace of the Lost City leaves no stone unturned. From lavish suites to cozy rooms, there’s something to suit every taste and preference. Prepare to be pampered in rooms that exude comfort, style, and elegance with hand crafted details such as wooden monkey lampstands that simply can’t be recreated anywhere else. And there’s a room type for every type of traveller – whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family-friendly retreat, the Palace has got you covered.

5. Unique dining and gourmet cuisine

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure at the Palace’s restaurants. Here every meal is a masterpiece, leaving you craving more with each bite. From a feast of meat at the Grill Room to buffets of magnificent proportions at the Crystal Court, you’ll never go hungry. Even breakfast here is a spectacular occasion with sushi and roast on offer alongside all the typical breakfast offerings. There’s also a live omelet station, a pancake and waffle making area that will make your kid’s think they died and went to heaven, and all the bubbly you can drink. After a day of exploring and indulging, you can also choose to unwind at one of the Palace’s bars or lounges. Sip on handcrafted cocktails, feel like royalty with an elegant high tea, and mingle with fellow guests in a stylish and sophisticated setting.

6. A magnificent spa


Need some relaxation and rejuvenation? Look no further than the Palace’s spa. Indulge in a range of luxurious treatments that will leave you feeling like royalty. From soothing massages to invigorating facials, every spa experience is designed to melt away stress and promote overall well-being. After a visit to the spa, you can relax in the private spa garden, sipping tea and munching on some delicious, fresh snacks, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

7. Mind-blowing art


Prepare to be awestruck as you step into the opulent lobby and reception areas of the Palace. Every detail has been meticulously crafted with elegance and grandeur in mind. From carefully curated artwork to stunning sculptures, the Palace’s design is a feast for the eyes. For instance, the colourful African mural painted on the underside of the entrance way’s domed ceiling took nine artists nearly 5,000 hours to complete while the tapestries behind the concierge took two years to weave. Outside, you’ll discover a life-size bronze sculpture of Shawu, one of Kruger National Park’s most famous elephant bulls, while the impressive sable fountain and cheetah hunt statue at the front of the building are some of the most stunning pieces of art I’ve ever seen.


8. Access to great game viewing



The Palace of the Lost City is not just a man-made marvel; it is also a gateway to nature’s wonders. Less than three minutes away from the Palace gates you can be surrounded by the untamed beauty of Pilanesberg National Park, offering an extraordinary escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy resort. Keep your eyes peeled for zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, and other animals that call this area home, adding an element of wild enchantment to your visit.

In conclusion, the Palace of the Lost City is a remarkable destination that combines legend, history, and remarkable architecture. With its awe-inspiring design, stunning grounds, and a touch of African magic, it offers an unforgettable experience for all who venture within its walls.


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